Clyde Best

I have been involved with Richard and Robert Calderon on a number of exciting football related projects over the past twenty years.

I was particularly impressed by the high level of professionalism they displayed when developing and managing the Clyde Best tournament. This event attracted a number of highly rated youth teams from the USA and included Bermuda Youth National teams.

I would have no hesitation recommending Richard & Robert to anyone that requires professional, courteous and proactive service. Their knowledge of football is exemplary and their comprehensive management of tournaments is outstanding.

Clyde Best | West Ham United, 1968-1976

Sean Murphy

I’ve worked with both Richard and Robert Calderon in working part-ownership with the Rage Soccer Club.  My interactions and experiences have been outstanding and professional.

Sean Murphy | Academy Director | Reading Rage SC

Owen Finberg

Over the last 15 years I have developed an extremely rewarding personal and professional relationship with Richard and Robert Calderon. I have come to know them through my recruiting work in Bermuda as Head Coach for South Kent School, through soccer travel with the Connecticut Olympic Development Program and through years of personal interactions both in Bermuda and the United States. I am pleased to offer a glowing recommendation of them and their work with prep school college placement, soccer tourism and tournament organization.

The Calderon’s have been instrumental in multiple initiatives on behalf of improving opportunities for youth footballers in Bermuda and abroad. They were the driving force behind the first-ever Prep School Tour, providing the idea, planning, securing sponsorship and traveling to New England with dozens of young Bermudian student-athletes. Their personal care and dedication to improving the lives of others has lead to dozens of Bermudians earning places in prep school and, subsequently, colleges through their vision and hard work.

Bermuda’s location, climate, pristine beaches, football culture, hotels and restaurants make it an ideal destination for soccer travel. Through my role as a head coach with the Connecticut Olympic Development Program I saw first hand how first-rate Bermuda team travel can be when organized by the Calderons. We brought several teams down for the Clyde Best Tournament and had an unforgettable experience with a seamlessly run tournament, including all logistics, and a remarkable tourist experience. The connections that the Calderon’s have with businesses around the island, the Bermuda Football Association (where Richard is a past President), and Bermuda Tourism are second to none and allow them the ability to put together a first-class itinerary for any age, gender, size group or team, whether in a tournament setting or training format.

I treasure my personal and professional relationship with the Calderons and am in regular contact with them. From my experience and seeing their work with others, I have no doubt that FootSail will be a wonderfully successful venture that benefits all those with whom they work.

Owen Finberg | Director of Athletics/Head Soccer Coach
South Kent School

Jacques Crevoisier

My collaboration with Bermuda was due to the initiative of Richard & Robert Calderon who invited me several times.

All the following events have been organized by Richard and Robert Calderon.

2005/ 2006
In 2005, I was invited by Richard Calderon to give a first presentation and training sessions on the pitch

Visit of Bermuda coaches in France (Clairefontaine, Professional clubs)

Visit of Bermuda coaches in France (Clairefontaine, Professional clubs)

Invitation of a French team (Sochaux), English team, US team and Bermuda national team to the Clyde Best International tournament

Jacques Crevoisier
French Football Federation, FC Sochaux, Liverpool FC, UEFA

Ahria Simons

Thanks to the Calderon brothers, boarding school was presented to me and my family with the goal in mind to further my academic and athletic endeavors off of the shores of Bermuda.

Berkshire School ‘class of 2018’
2017 All American

Dartmouth College ‘class of 2022’

Shonte Campbell

Thanks to the efforts of Robert and Richard Calderon, I was given the opportunity to use my proven academic and football abilities in order to further my education abroad at the Hotchkiss School on a full financial package.

Without their assistance I would not have been able to take advantage of such a great opportunity.


Shonte Campbell | Hotchkiss School ‘class of 2011′ | Wofford College ‘ class of 2015′